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Making long transmissions behind Echolink’s back

Good news today! After various trials and errors, REAST’s new Raspberry Pi-based system transmitted both the WIA and VK7 regional news, driven by a web-based scheduler. The Raspberry Pi is a combination Echolink/IRLP node so it already has an attached … Continue reading

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Playing an MP3 with compression on Linux/OSX

Some software I’m working on for a Raspberry Pi demands that I play MP3s at particular times. The audio is fed into a radio where it is then transmitted as narrowband FM, a very lo-fi channel. The recordings are spoken … Continue reading

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Learning morse for the RD

Two weeks ago I began my first serious attempt to learn morse code. It counts as a serious attempt because I’ve been practising every day like I need to. The great thing about the Koch method and website I’m using … Continue reading

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Tapping the discriminator

Exciting news this week is the upcoming launch of the Fox-1A CubeSat on October 8th.    The folks at AMSAT have produced a shiny piece of software called FoxTelem that will decode telemetry data that is encoded in the bottom 200 … Continue reading

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