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An ARP Server in Rust – Linux Raw Sockets

Linux has a fiddly but useful C interface for sending and receiving raw network packets. It’s documented primarily in the packet(7) manpage and the workhorse of this interface is a struct called sockaddr_ll. It’s ostensibly a type of sockaddr but … Continue reading

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Sending JSON over websockets in Rust

I like the JSON format but I feel it’s important to contain it to the job of passing a message from one system to another. Ideally the sender generates the text automatically from some strongly-typed object and the receiver does … Continue reading

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Introduction to the GNU social API

I’ve been working on an iOS GNU social client for a while and along the way I’ve had to learn a bit about how GNU social’s HTTP API works. I thought I would write up a few things I wish … Continue reading

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Making long transmissions behind Echolink’s back

Good news today! After various trials and errors, REAST’s new Raspberry Pi-based system transmitted both the WIA and VK7 regional news, driven by a web-based scheduler. The Raspberry Pi is a combination Echolink/IRLP node so it already has an attached … Continue reading

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