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Introduction to the GNU social API

I’ve been working on an iOS GNU social client for a while and along the way I’ve had to learn a bit about how GNU social’s HTTP API works. I thought I would write up a few things I wish … Continue reading

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Facebook and capitalist newspeak

It is increasingly difficult to draw parallels between Nineteen Eighty-Four and today‚Äôs world. This is partly because over the last twenty years we brought much of the surveillance capability into our homes willingly, but mostly because this happened without creating … Continue reading

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Riot’s magical push notifications in iOS

A couple of months ago I started playing with Matrix, a federated communication/chat system. Rather than make an account on a public homeserver I installed Synapse on my own server. I installed the Riot app on my iPhone and connected … Continue reading

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Wikipedia on LAN

At a cryptoparty a few months ago I presented an introduction to Tor. During that talk I set the audience a challenge: the next time you go to look up something on Wikipedia I want you to think to yourself, … Continue reading

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