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Privacy Implications for OpenStreetView

I’ve been playing with OpenStreetView in the last couple of days and judging by the responsiveness of their website the word is getting around. Now, having crowds of people recording and uploading their streets obviously presents some privacy issues. I … Continue reading

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Wikipedia on LAN

At a cryptoparty a few months ago I presented an introduction to Tor. During that talk I set the audience a challenge: the next time you go to look up something on Wikipedia I want you to think to yourself, … Continue reading

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Why Rick Falkvinge’s rambles about public libraries don’t make sense

On Torrentfreak a few days ago Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, mused upon the relationship between libraries and file-sharing. He claims that you can’t support public libraries while being opposed to file-sharing, by which he appears to … Continue reading

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