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AX.25 Client and Server Programming

Recently I’ve been experimenting with getting computers to talk to each other purely using AX.25 over VHF radio. That is, establishing connections and passing messages back and forth without any assistance whatsoever from TCP/IP. The BSD networking API in Linux … Continue reading

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Xcode 7’s New Linker Rules

The other day I received a new error from Xcode 7. I was building an iOS project for simulator, linking in a fat static library with i386 and x86_64. The error looked like this:

This is a pretty strange … Continue reading

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/dev/world 2015 Wrap-up

What a great conference! I’ve just come back from the magical land of aluminium laptops and Twitter, otherwise known as /dev/world. It’s an iOS and OSX developer event run by the AUC and this was my second year attending. RMIT … Continue reading

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