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Baofeng interface, now with PTT control

My first experiments connecting my handheld radio to my computer relied on VOX control for transmit, which has a bunch of shortcomings. This week I got around to adding some real transmit control and putting it in a little box. … Continue reading

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kissattach and its QST packet

In my last post I was wondering about a transmission that Linux always makes when I connect my radio. It shows up in Dire Wolf as a bunch of unintelligible binary. It’s addressed to “QST”, which is not a real … Continue reading

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Dire Wolf, BBSes and Beyond

After playing with packet on my little handheld radio I decided I wanted to be able to connect to Danny VK7HDM. He runs a BBS out at Gagebrook—the last BBS in Tasmania that’s accessible via radio. (I note that the … Continue reading

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